The National Committee of Missing and POWs Affairs (NCMPA) 
reports the total number to be at 605.

How does the committee (NCMPA) know the exact number of Missing 
and POWs reported by them?

The committee (NCMPA) has an updated database of all reported Missing 
and POWs. Every name recorded must be verified by members of the family
of that Missing person or POW. A full profile of each Missing person and POW 
is kept in filealong with detailed information on when and where the captivity 
took place.

What are the reactions of the average Kuwaiti towards the POW issue?

Almost every Kuwaiti has a close relative or friend that happens to be from 
among the reported Missing and POWs. Although the number of captivated 
seem rather small, they actually amount to nearly 0.1 % of the total Kuwaiti 
population whichmeans for every one thousand Kuwaiti, one is being held 
as a POW.


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