As can be seen from the above, as a result of Kuwait's ceaseless overtures
the Iraqi -international authorities consistently reiterated that prisoner 
repatriation was not a negotiation issue, as per UN resolution 686 and 687.
At this junctures in every negotiation, the Iraqis have always contradicted their
implicit admissions, and again denied the existence of any prisoners.

Iraqi deviousness and insincerity was further evidenced in following 
actions and statements;-
IIn February of 1993, Kuwait gave its files on the 609 POWs to the international 
Red Cross. A week later, the Red Cross passed them on to Mr. Riyad Al Qaizi, 
Undersecretary to the Iraqi Foreign Minister, who had been appointed by Iraq to 
follow up on the POW questions. Although he said Iraq would carefully examine
the files, Mr. Riyad later stated unequivocally that Iraq held no prisoners, despite 
the fact that a good deal of evidence in the files consisted of Iraq's own documents
attesting to theimprisonment in question. Is it not also strange, that Iraq would 
appoint a high official to address Kuwaiti POW affairs whilst at the same time 
claiming it held no POWs ?

League. This universally respected body, of which Iraq is  supposedly a member, 
agreed to take up the POW cause in Iraq. On September 26,1991, the Secretary 
General first  appointed Assistant Secretary General, Abdullah Adam to handle the
Kuwaiti POW issue. Mr. Abdullah traveled to Iraq and met incumbent Foreign 
Minister Ahmed Hussein Khodair. Although the Iraqis had agreed to a meeting, 
knowing in advance that the issue to be negotiated was the release of the POWs, 
they simply denied their existence.


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