During the brutal Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Iraqi soldiers captured and
abducted a random selection of residents in Kuwait .These residents 
consist of Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti citizens. 
During the uprising in Iraq, several thousands of POW's from among
other prisoners managed to get released by the rebels. The Iraqis then 
claimed that no others existed afterwards. However, the government 
and people of Kuwait and the liberating forces knew differently. In fact,
there were and still are up to 609 Kuwaiti prisoners in Iraqi prisons. 
Most of the prisoners are Kuwaitis, but they also include citizens of nine
other nations. They are not just young men, but also women, mothers of
young children, young people and very old people. There whereabouts 
or condition is unknown. As a number of Kuwaiti prisoners represent 
about .1% of the small population of Kuwait, there is hardly a citizen of
Kuwait who has not had a family member or friend disappear into the Iraqi
prison system.


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